Posted by tudor 8th November 2023

Should I consider private medical insurance?

Life can be full of surprises. You can’t be prepared for everything. You may have some insurance to support you financially if the unexpected happens, but have you considered how private medical insurance might offer you and your family the peace of mind you need if your health takes a turn for the worst?

A growing trend
According to data published by The Telegraph, close to half a million people have taken out private medical insurance over the past year, as NHS waiting lists hit record levels this autumn. According to government statistics almost 7.8 million people were waiting to start routine hospital treatment in September 2023.

Against this backdrop, it’s hardly a surprise that more people than ever are considering the benefits of private medical insurance including faster access to medical treatment for themselves and their families.

It’s not just speed of access, it’s also about the quality of care you receive, the flexibility of choosing where and when you would like to receive treatment, and the range of treatments, medicines, facilities and consultants available to you. Cost-restrictions in an already stretched NHS mean that not all breakthrough treatments are accessible. With private medical insurance you can sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that the very best care is available.

It’s more affordable than you think 
Avoiding lengthy waits for treatment and quality of care are just two of the biggest attractions of taking a route which has traditionally been seen as too expensive for most. But through our specially selected health insurance partner we can help you find the right policy for your budget. If you already have private medical insurance, we may be able to find you cheaper premiums for your circumstances, and all with a free no obligation quote.

The pandemic provided a reminder to us all of just how precious good health is – and acted as a reset for many. Health became a priority, and continues to be so. Spending money on private medical insurance may not have previously been a priority but protecting you and your family over the long-term means a growing number of people are taking the time to consider a more proactive approach to getting the treatment they may need.

We love our NHS but we know the pressure it’s under
We have nothing but respect for the hard-working and talented individuals who make the NHS what it is. But we also know that the service that has given so much to so many is under unprecedented pressure. We also know that there is often a faster and better alternative.

We can make sure you get all the information you need to decide whether private health insurance is the right option for you.

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