Posted by tudor 7th May 2021

The Road Ahead for Professional Sportspeople

Here at Tudor Financial, we’re fortunate to work with diverse clients from a range of backgrounds, several of which are professional or retired sportspeople.

Keal Carlile is one of our Mortgage and Protection Specialist; an individual who is well-versed in advising sportspeople on and off the pitch. As a retired rugby league player, Keal has first-hand experience of how the world of mortgages and financial investments can be a challenge to navigate for a professional sportsperson.

The shorter career span for sports naturally means that a sportsperson could obtain the majority of their lifetime earnings over a shorter period, compared to a traditional retirement age. In these circumstances, lenders may not approve a mortgage application on the basis that they do not offer shorter-term lends. Applications can be difficult for a retired sportsperson of a relatively young age, thinking about their next steps in life. Keal himself is a great example of this scenario, with a career in Financial Services that progressed after his retirement from rugby in his early 30s.
If you’re in a sporting career, you might be wondering about our services, and how we can help you. Keal works with different lenders to negotiate suitable mortgage deals to work in line with your career. He can also help you to form a roadmap of business solutions, such as investment in a property portfolio, or forming a limited company.

Making good investments today can ensure you and your family are well catered for later in life. Keal will also look at the best life insurance deals to ensure you are covered for illness or injury that could result in an early, unexpected and permanent retirement from your sporting career. This personalised service is crucial, as off-the-shelf life insurance packages are often not the right fit for the individual.

Keal says: “The best advice that I would give to anyone working in professional sport is to ensure you make the necessary financial provisions for your future as early as possible – ideally as soon as you land your first contract. Having played rugby league for almost 12 years, I’ve seen the extensive benefits of making good financial decisions early on and remember the challenges that I faced looking for my own first mortgage. Of course, if this is still something you need to think about and you feel you may have left it a little too late, there is always time to make necessary arrangements and I’m here to help you make those plans and form the next steps”.

If you would like to speak to Keal to discuss your individual needs and circumstances in more detail, please contact us to book an appointment.


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