Posted by tudor 21st February 2022

Getting your house in order – are you mortgage ready?

Our Office Manager Victoria Pitts talks about the importance of getting ‘mortgage ready’, if you’re looking to make a move.
If you’ve been searching for properties recently, you’ll know just how buoyant the housing market is – houses literally vanish offline overnight and, naturally, this can cause no end of frustration and disappointment.

Victoria and the team’s role at Tudor is to work with our clients to ensure they are doing everything needed – in the correct order – so that when they find their dream home, they’re ready to pounce, with an agreement in principle in hand and a realistic chance of getting the property that they really want.
Our administration team takes the mortgage application process from start to completion, streamlining the paperwork and minimising stress for our clients. We’re all under one roof and you’ll always find a person at the end of the phone to answer your questions.

If you’re thinking of getting a mortgage in place and choose to become a client, here’s an overview of what to expect.

Our admin team will start by issuing detailed paperwork for you to complete. This is done prior to an initial meeting with one of our advisors and whilst the paperwork is quite detailed (and we’ll admit, can seem onerous to complete) it’s vital in ensuring that the first meeting is as productive as possible.

Victoria says: “We can’t stress enough the importance of making sure that our documents are completed in full. We advise our clients that it’s important to go into as much detail as possible and that more information is better than less or no information.
“This allows my team to collate everything our advisors need to ensure your first meeting is as smooth, time efficient and thorough as possible.”
Being able to supply our advisors with information up front not only saves time along the way, it also gives us a head start in understanding your financial profile, allowing us to make a timely start on finding the best lender to suit your personal circumstances.

Our team will work through the full application process, explaining the areas within which they require your input and collating the information to be put to the desired lender.

Victoria and her team have considerable experience in the financial services industry and most have worked together for many years, during which time they have worked with countless clients in the house purchasing process from start to finish. The service that they provide takes the leg work out of the application process, therefore allowing the process of homebuying to hopefully be as exciting and enjoyable as it should be!

So, if your finger is hovering over the ‘enquire’ button on the property searches, get in touch today and let Victoria and the team take care of your home buying journey.


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